Desert Mine Jewelry

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About Desert Mine

Desert Mine is a jewelry brand that marches to it's own beat. It's a brand that is inspired by the music and styling of the 70's and infused with a healthy dash of eccentricity and glamor. Originally born out of a love for the desert, the pieces have evolved from homages to cacti and animals to an embodiment of the sub-cultures and characters you often find under the stars on the edges of our societies.

The Challenge

The challenge here was immense. We needed to build a foundational brand identity - fonts, colors, logos, tone and voice, and then turn that into fully fleshed out e-commerce store with fantastic customer features (account creation, payment plans, shipping and email nurture sequences) and supplement it with killer packaging designs and promotional materials.

The Solution

As with any project of this size, it's best to start with the cornerstone elements and build from there. For the color scheme I took inspiration from the desert landscape and leaned heavily on burnt orange hues and creams. For typography I took inspiration from vintage magazines from the golden age of advertising and used fun retro serif typefaces.

We decided to build the site from scratch but host it on Shopify. This allowed us to take advantage of Shopify's powerful e-commerce platform & integrations, while also building a dynamic site that didn't fit into the cookie-cutter template format. The site is enabled with premium customer retention features like pop-ups, Afterpay payment plans and customer accounts for easy re-ordering and order management.

This was all supplemented by a custom email marketing campaign and social media advertising campaign to ensure that the new website launch was a success.

The packaging features custom illustrations and is all locally sourced and printed on eco-friendly materials with soy based inks right here in California. For a brand that owes it's creation to the inspiration found in nature, it was essential that the carbon footprint was as small as possible.

Since the webpage was the last step in an overall branding process we were able to build the framework around the logo and color scheme we had already established. Once we had done the initial research and development the website fell into place.

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