Riverstone Yoga

Brand Refresh / Web Design / Print Collateral

About Riverstone Yoga

Riverstone Yoga is based in Westchester, NY along the banks of the Hudson River. As a yoga studio, they aim to offer a space of relaxation and healing to the community. The clientele is primarily made up of commuters looking to unwind after a hectic day working in New York City.

The Challenge

Riverstone Yoga had an existing logo and website but was in dire need of a full make-over and brand re-alignment. The main challenge was to create a clean aesthetic that reflected the brands values as a pillar of the local community. For the website, the main challenge was to create a site that would be able to support the expansion of the company into other markets and facilitate client bookings and scheduling.

The Solution

Since the day-to-day maintenance of the brand would be handled by employees of the studio, I set about creating a comprehensive brand toolkit complete with usage guidelines and assets such as patterns, web banners, fonts, logos, icons, merchandise, etc. The purpose of this was to create a foolproof guide that would ensure brand consistency on an ongoing basis.

For the look, I worked with the idea of flowing water in mind - soft blue and white colors, light imagery, flowing lines and overall calm energy. The site was built on the Webflow framework which allowed us to take advantage of their powerful interaction features to create a free flowing user experience.

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