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About Your Mental Breakdown

Your Mental Breakdown is a psychotherapy, entertainment based podcast hosted by longtime friends and licensed therapists Doug Friedman and Meredith Levy. They’re giving you a glimpse of how therapists sound outside the office… and also what it sounds like inside the office in real sessions with a real client. You’ll get to join the process as it’s happening in real time - because therapy doesn’t happen in soundbites, it happens in real life.

The Challenge

Doug initially approached me after growing frustrated with the results he received from running a 99 Designs contest. The challenge soon became clear, he needed a logo design and website that reflected his vision for the podcast and not a generic Wordpress template. The directive was to highlight a brain in a street/urban inspired way that echoed the fun energy of the show.

The Solution

The first thing I worked on was the color palette. I knew that the client wanted to integrate pinks, so with that in mind I created a palette of complimentary colors that I would use as the foundation for the rest of the project. The next step was creating the brain - the idea here was to steer clear of the generic 'lumpy' brain depictions. I created a brain out of geometric shapes with the idea that I could then use this to create patterns and other design elements that we could use throughout the site and on merch and social media graphics.

For the website I carried out extensive research on the best conversion techniques for media heavy sites and built out the website wireframe around these principles. The site is structured around the main conversion "call to action" goals of the podcast - to direct listeners to start from the beginning and to grow the mailing list and subscriptions. With the foundational elements we developed in the logo phase in hand, this process fell in to place pretty quickly.

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